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This controversial book convincingly proves that the problem of functional illiteracy is much worse—but its solution is much easier—than almost everyone realizes.  A recent study shows about HALF of Americans are functionally illiterate and live in permanent SHAME, ANGER AND DESPAIR, unable to lift themselves out of privation, because they can't read.  Cleckler details the simple, inexpensive solution—NuEnglish—to the crisis of America and the world. 

To read the first 2 chapters of this book, click here: Let’s End Our Literacy Crisis

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This workbook is your child's first step into the exciting world of NuEnglish, the new way to spell English.  It starts with writing the letters of the alphabet and progresses through quizzes, copying, numbers, opposites and plurals to crossword puzzles, 7 fairy tales, dictation and finally an essay.  Though intended for native English-speaking children, Beginners' NuEnglish Workbook is accessible to foreign-speaking children because of its profuse illustrations.  It can also be used profitably by adult nonreaders.  199 pages.

Click here for Sample pages of Beginners’ NuEnglish Workbook

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